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Univoxer is an application for mobile phones that finds an interpreter to act as a translator between two people who do not speak the same language.


Univoxer Translate makes communication easier at anytime and anywhere, regardless of geographical location. You just need to have the APP installed on your mobile phone, select the Language and request support in just one click.


A mobile service that connects anyonewho needs supportfor languages to an interpreter who will act as a translator between your language and the language you would like to speak.


Tourists and hearing impaired citizens, maximizing your tourism experience in travel in the national territory, promoting social inclusion and legal adjustment.

Innovative Impact

As it is known, InovAtiva Brasil brings in its DNA, innovation. Thus, summer translator, aligned with the need to improve and innovate, was selected in the Inovative Impact program.

CONGRATULATIONS UNIVOXER - StartUp approved in the Socio-environmental Innovative Impact 2018.



Provides web callcenter services to companies that do not have technical infrastructure, URA, or own space, allowing remote customer service. Provides call routing to existing enterprise URA.


VoIP application that allows companies to provide a contact channel for customers and that allows cost reduction in telecom channel.

Applied in

Companies with B2B2C receptive callcenter. Producers of software for API inclusionof the service, allowing their APPsalso have callcenter function. Virtualization of contact channels and environmentfrom the callcenter. Government receptive contact channels.

Univoxer was recommended by the Evaluation Committee of Startup Brasil 2017.

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